Rules Of Survival- A Complete Guide

Rules Of Survival- A Complete Guide 

In these days, games are becoming the best ever way for passing the spare time. There are a plenty of video games present in the app store and twitch tv. However, there are only a few ones which are very popular among children and adults. If you are looking for the best online multiplayer battle royale game then rules of survival is the ideal option.

NetEase Games is the developer of this amazing game and more than 100 million players around the world are playing this game. There is no doubt that this is very famous and we can’t neglect the superb work of its creators. They really have done the remarkable work which is appreciating by so many people. Let me share some more facts related to this game in the further article.


The Rules of Survival is basically the PVP action game. In the battle royale, up to 300 players can fight in order to remain last alive. The players are able to select the type of match from due, solo, a fireteam and a squad. There are a total of four people in the squad on the other hand fireteam contains five players. In the battle, the last one team or the player will win the match who left alive after the entire fight. Now if we talk about the playable maps then we can see two names which are mentioned below.

ü  64 square kilometer fearless (300 players)

ü  Ghillie (120 players)

The players will be on the location on any island when the game starts. After this, they get the parachute from the plane which goes across the entire map. The player is required to find out the perfect time in order to eject and parachute. When the player starts then there will no gear but it will not affect the gameplay.

When they land on the ground then they are able to find out the buildings for the clothing, vehicles, weapons and some other equipment. If you are playing this then you can also kill other people in the game in order to acquire their gear without dealing with any type of difficulty. Not only this, the players are also able to drive a huge variety of vehicles which are basically placed randomly across the whole map.

The importance of currency

Gold is the primary currencywhich you can get more with Rules Of Survival Cheats 2018 of this amazing game and players can use this in several ways. Now if we talk about the importance of currency then this is playing a very important role in the entire game. The player should always pay proper attention to the different kind of ways which can help in collecting gold in the desired amount. Here are some of the most common ways of earning gold –

In-app purchase- this is the basic way by which the players are able to get currency. While there are many other methods but we can see that a number of players pick this option because, in this, they are not required to do anything. A player is only required to spend the money for purchasing the great amount of currency. In this, we have to spend a lot of bucks and the exact amount basically depends on the number of currency which you want to buy.  So if you have the sufficient funds then this is an ideal option.

Play the game- this is considered as the best ever and also the simplest method of collecting gold in the huge amount. By playing the game, we are able to get the opportunity to compete several things such as daily challenges. When we complete such challenges then we can claim for so many rewards, for instance, tickets, gold and many more.

Therefore, we are able to collect gold by which we can get a better performance in the game. So if you are the player of this superb game then you should log in and play on the daily basis so that it could be easy to attain currency.

Final words

The Rules of Survival game is the most famous action game and the player is required to remain in the battle. A player should put all possible efforts in order to remain in the game until the end so that he/she can achieve victory.