Basic information about Episode game


Want to play the role-playing game, why don’t you try Episode game. As a gamer the main motive is to play the game to win. With the help of good relation, you can easily win it. In the entire game, you need to make a healthy relationship and explore the places. There are two types of currencies that you need to gain: diamonds and passes. They both are essential in playing the game effectively. Those who are not able to get all the currencies then they can try episode passes cheat.

When you are playing it if you are getting bored with one story, then you quickly shift to another story. Here you are the leading player that means you need to decide for the welfare of it. The story can change by a single decision.


  • The Episode game has a massive gathering of fluctuated stories, which can be appreciated on IOS just as Android stages.
  • You will discover a vast number of stories that comprise of various classes like experience, sentiment, activity, and so forth in the game. Every story has a few scenes, which can be opened steadily.
  • In each stage, you will run over individual decisions that you have to make for advancing with the story.
  • These decisions can either be basic ones like choosing the dress to wear for gathering or precarious ones like selecting a person among the two for a date.
  • You have to settle on these decisions cautiously as a solitary blunder can change the whole storyline. To open these scenes, you will require a lot of in-game monetary forms.

Thus, these are some aspects that help you to know about the Episode game. So, if you love to do something new, then try it. Hopefully, you will like it.