How to Get Simoleons and SimCash in SimCity Buildit Game?

In the SimCity Buildit game, currency plays a crucial role, especially in making a better or traffic-free city. There are two types of In-Game Currencies available in the game, such as Simoleons and SimCash, which gamers need to obtain it by winning the achievements.

Furthermore, every time earning-process is not an easy task so players should complete the tutorial first in order to know the easiest tactics. If you don’t want to put hard efforts but able to get every type of In-Game Items, then simcity buildit cheats is the best tool available in the main menu.

Methods of Earnings!

  • Ensure that you log into the game on regular bases in order to get daily bonuses in the form of Simoleons and SimCash. If you are busy for some days due to official commitments, just sign in for a few seconds so that you can easily grab currencies.
  • One should also complete given objectives and challenges by well-performed in every task so that you will be eligible to get Simoleons and SimCash as a reward.
  • As soon as you complete more and more levels and reach new stages, then you can grab better rewards in the form of In-Game Currencies.
  • Watching more and more promotional advertisements at least 2-30 seconds is also a good way to grab Simoleons and SimCash as a reward. But make sure to watch these videos at the end without skip in the middle otherwise you will be unable to get In-Game Currencies.
  • In-App Purchases is the best store also include in the game where gamers can buy every type of In-Game Items by spending their real-life money.
  • There is a working simcity buildit cheats tool available that helps the players in generating innumerable SimCash and Simoleons instantly or even without wasting their time on unnecessary tasks.