Learn about Sims FreePlay


Sims FreePlay is a strategic simulation game developed by Electronic Arts games later the project gave to Firemonkey studios. The game released at the end of 2011 and registered over 200 million users. Work on Android, iOS, and Blackberry users. Without any doubt, game developers are the finest and created catchy Gameplay and reward points too.


In the game, Sims are allowed to do the tasks and build a house, and living life lives like in real-time. Buying furniture, bed, garden, pools, food, and other objectives can be done in the game. This game has its own currencies Simoleons, life points, and social points. These currencies can use for purchasing resources and level up. There are up to 55 levels until now, daily tasks updates daily. Completing these tasks provides rewards and lifestyle points, but there are cheats for Sims FreePlay to earn more lifestyle points to reach higher levels.

Higher levels reward more points and provide more things to purchase. Simoleons are the main currency to purchase things like house and without just earn. Simoleons you can also purchase it from the online store.

Lifestyle points can make Sims fast doing tasks and speed up their actions, and you can buy more LS points online cheats for Sims Freeplay to earn, and it will be easy for you to do the tasks and reach higher levels faster.

Customize and upgrade the Sims increase the value of the town, and overall you will have 100 of Sims under your control, and you will reach a higher level too it will make more values of your house.