Mind Blowing Facts Shared About Castle Clash


Got Games is a very talented game developing studio which has developed a very amazing game called Castle Clash. The game is a strategy based so you can easily make your mind in order to play it. There are various kinds of troops and heroes that you will send for the battles. It is developed for IOS and Android both platforms, so users can easily take its advantages.

It includes different kinds of wars and battles in which every player needs to take participation. Gold and gems both currencies are very crucial in the game, so if you are facing any shortage in its collection, then you should try the Castle Clash Cheats. This could be a genuine option for you.

Types of currencies and its uses

Gold – gold is the primary currency of the game, which can be collected in different ways. Players will get the gold from the gold mines, and they can also store it in the gold vaults. It is also purchased from the shop. Instead of this, you can use the gold in order to upgrade and unlock powerful and strong heroes. In addition to this, gold can be earned by raiding in the opponent’s villages.

Gems – if we talk about the gens then it is counted in the premium currency of the game. It is the most important currency of the game that can collect in various ways. It is used for completing some actions and operation faster than before. You can use the gems for exchanging the other currencies of the game. Nonetheless, it is quite difficult to earn the gems in the game. Even you can also use it upgrading. Players can buy the gems from the game shop by spending the real life money.

Well, we have covered all the crucial facts about the currencies of the game so you can easily take its advantage.